specialized character blog

Here are some Some examples of organizations using special characters to represents their organizations .

  1. Lebron James the best basketball player on earth uses “Samsung Galaxy” products because they paid him $100 million to promote it .Samsung chose Lebron because he is the best of the best and that is what The company wants people to think about their products because lebron uses them.


2.James Harden , KD and Anthony Davis who are all NBA stars are used in the footlocker commercials they are used because they want people to think all the basketball stars shop their. The company chose these players because they are stars of the NBA and will attract people


Trew 2 the Game #32: Commercial Breakdowns

3. Russell Westbrook is used by the clothing brand True Religion , the brand chose him because he is one of the stars of the NBA at the moment and he will bring them more sales .http://www.esquire.com/style/interviews/a33117/we-talked-to-russell-westbrook-about-his-new-position-at-true-religion/


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