Digital User Experience is how the user that visits the web site interacts with it , Their whole experience while using the web site determines if the user interacted well with the site if they could use it or not it also determines if the site is up to standards or not  .

The details of the UX process you follow will depend on a number of factors: the project, the client, the budget, the deadlines, and your experience level.

As a UX Designer, you have a range of techniques  available to you, and it’s up to you to choose which of these techniques are appropriate. Mastering when and how best to use these techniques should be the goal of every UX Designer.

A real world example of  User experience would be like if someone was to order clothes from their favorite web site will they be able to navigate through the web site easily and know how to control all of the site functions without having any problems .

Three important lessons from the process that needs to be taught is , Always make sire your web site is set up correctly and easy to function , Make sure you have a link for the user that leads to the help page if help is needed and lastly Target you web site towards the kind of people you think will be interacting with your web site .